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Why Watering Your Plants Heavily Once
A Week Might Be Better For Your Garden
Nothing’s more important to plants than water, yet novice gardeners often over or underwater. To avoid this, you need to know when and how much to irrigate your outdoor plants.
The Old Farmer's Almanac advises watering vegetable gardens three times weekly for a combined total of an inch of water — and only more during drought or when starting seedlings.
However, Hicks Nurseries claims daily watering is not beneficial for a landscaped yard or lawn, pointing out that all plants need a chance to dry out before being irrigated again.
Watering less often, around once or twice a week, but applying more water each time you do is the best way to train the plants’ root systems to keep growing deeper into the soil.
Your outdoor container plants will need to be watered more often because they can’t access moisture in the ground and their potting soil retains less water than garden soil.
However, Planet Natural Research Center still advises against daily watering, saying they should be watered thoroughly and left to dry before being watered again — just more often.
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