Floating shelves between white cabinetry in kitchen
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Why You May Want To Rethink Choosing Open Shelving For Your Kitchen
Open shelving isn't practical for storing dishware. According to realtor Ellen Sykes, "Open shelving gives you less than half of the space that a closed cabinet would give you."
In a kitchen, open shelves require an immense amount of organization and cleanliness that can feel overwhelming and intimidating to a lot
of people.
Additionally, most homeowners won't have a carefully curated collection of monochrome dishware. Most people have a lot of mismatched dishes, which don't look good on open shelves.
Cupboards with doors won't just keep your mismatched items hidden, they'll also keep the dishes from collecting dust, spiderwebs, and even insects.
Since cooking stirs up airborne grease that could cause dust in the air to stick to the shelves and displayed dishes, kitchens are arguably the worst room to have open shelves.