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Why You May Want To Rethink The Trendy Epoxy Countertops
Epoxy countertops are a popular trend, dominating social media feeds, but many, including the Property Brothers, want you to avoid them at all costs due to a number of issues.
Although installing epoxy countertops is often touted as DIY-friendly, it can be challenging, especially for a novice. You only have 30 minutes to spread the epoxy mixture.
Otherwise, you risk ending up with an uneven surface or unsightly bubbles. You may end up having to hire a professional, which may cost you between $50 and $150 per square foot.
Maintaining epoxy countertops is another hassle. Spills must be wiped immediately to prevent permanent stains, and you may need to seal the counter annually to prolong its life.
Epoxy is highly sensitive to sunlight and can develop a yellowish tinge over time. Plus, it isn’t heat-resistant, and with prolonged use, edges and other parts may start to chip.