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Why You May Want To Think Twice Before Painting Marble And Glass Tile
While it's possible to paint tiles, extra caution is necessary when dealing with marble and glass tiles due
to their glossy finish, which inherently resists paint.
If you're determined to change the color of your marble tiles, start by sanding down the glossy surface. Then, thoroughly clean the surface so that it's ready
for painting.
You have the option to use chalk paint or a high-gloss, oil-based epoxy paint. However, if you opt for the high-gloss variant, a prior application of an oil-based primer is a must.
Similarly, glass tiles require sanding and cleaning. Subsequent steps involve the application of a high-quality primer, semi-gloss paint, and a finishing touch with a clear sealer.
If you aren't prepared to undertake these meticulous steps, it's better to avoid painting marble and glass tiles altogether to prevent unsatisfactory results.