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Why You Need To Caulk Your Toilet
Some believe that caulking your toilet isn’t good because it prevents you from seeing any leaks, but the benefits of caulking greatly outweigh this drawback. Most toilet leaks are small, so whether or not your toilet seat is caulked, your bathroom floor won’t be the first place to show signs of the leak.
One of the biggest benefits you get out of caulking is that it prevents water from leaking under it, so if your toilet is near a bathtub or sink, chances are caulk will prevent water from entering the floor around the toilet. A caulked toilet looks cleaner, is more presentable, and pests won’t find the area as appealing.
Caulking your toilet provides padding which is very useful on uneven flooring, and an unsecured toilet can actually cause injuries or toilet malfunctions in worst-case scenarios. Caulking a toilet is fairly easy, and it’s worth doing because of the many benefits it’ll provide.