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Why You
Need Vinegar Before Painting Cement Floors
Paint on cement floors is prone to chipping and scratches due to heavy foot traffic, but you can prevent it from becoming prematurely marred and worn by
priming it with vinegar.
Vinegar is highly acidic, so it dissolves the dirt, grease, and grime that seep into the cement's cracks and crevices, ensuring they can't eat away at the paint from the underside.
In addition, the vinegar's acidity evens out the surface of the cement floor, allowing your paint to go on smoothly and evenly and better adhere to the cement.
To prime a cement floor, apply a coat of undiluted, plain white vinegar before painting using a roller, a sprayer, or a mop cloth soaked in the liquid.
Cover the entire surface area of the cement floor you intend to paint and wait for it to dry completely. Once dry, paint the floor as directed.