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Why You Should Avoid Putting Your Laundry Room In The Basement
The best spot in your home for your laundry room takes into account space, accessibility, distance from other rooms, and ventilation, so you should avoid the basement.
According to interior designer Brett Elron (via Realtor), placing a laundry room in the basement means "moisture has fewer places to disperse. This can lead to more cases of mold."
Mold can cause unpleasant odors in the room and lead to an increased risk of respiratory issues. To make the basement work, you'll need to ensure there is enough fresh air.
Basements are often far from the main area, making it inconvenient to access and carry laundry to and from the room. They're especially problematic for people with mobility issues.
Basements can serve as multi-purpose areas for storage, recreational spaces, or home offices. A laundry room takes up valuable space that could be used for other reasons.
The basement may not have enough space to place a sink nearby or enough lightening. There will also be problems if you need to take out or bring in laundry machines.
Try placing the laundry room on the main level or upper floor by the kitchen, main bathroom, or closet. Opt for stacking, front-loading machines to free up space in these areas.