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Why You Should Be Scrubbing Your Oven With A Dishwasher Tablet
The grease that has been baked onto oven surfaces can be difficult to remove, and even with the use of standard oven cleaners, not all the baked-on food can always be removed completely. However, users of TikTok have discovered a trick to quickly clean their ovens with common dishwasher tablets.
You only need a dishwasher tablet, a bowl of water, a sponge, and some clean rags to clean your oven. You should also use pressed powder dishwasher tablets rather than gel pods for this hack because the tablet is abrasive, and if your tablet has a plastic film surrounding it, this should be removed beforehand.
There are two ways to use a dishwasher tablet to clean an oven. For this method, dip the tablet in a bowl of water, making sure it doesn't soak up enough water to crumble, and then lay the tablet flat and rub it all over your oven door in circular motions, using the palm of your hand to hold the tablet.
The second method entails dissolving the dishwasher tablet in a bowl of water to create a paste that can apply to the oven racks more easily. This is when the sponge comes in to help get into all the corners and around the thin wires; if the sponge isn't powerful enough, a steel wool pad can be used instead.