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Why You Should Be Using Aluminum Foil To Remove Rust From Metal
Scientifically Proven
When iron reacts with oxygen and water, it forms rust, and to remove it, you need to un-oxidize the iron. Oxygen has a greater affinity for aluminum, so when you rub them together, the iron loses oxygen to it, removing the rust — vinegar can also help quicken this process.
Offers Better Results
Using steel wool or a mild acid like Diet Coke to remove rust can scratch your metal and reduce its durability and strength. Aluminum is a soft metal that uses chemical reactions to clean, requiring less scrubbing, and it actually polishes your metal while removing rust.
Long-Lasting & Durable
While steel wool can rust over time, aluminum corrosion only looks like a whitish skin that coats the surface and is easy to remove. This can happen when it’s exposed to oxygen, water, or soil, but your aluminum will still be strong and durable once it's gone.
Easy To Use
Because rust is a chemical reaction, removing it by scrubbing with steel wool takes a serious amount of physical effort. Left-on rust can form pits that are virtually impossible to remove with steel wool, but aluminum makes it easily slide off with little effort.
Versatile & Safe To Use
Steel wool should never be used on stainless steel pans as it can remove its metal finish and leave behind broken bits, making it more vulnerable to rust. However, aluminum foil is lightweight, flexible, and safe to use for many functions in your kitchen.