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Why You Should Be Using Fabric Softener To Clean Your Walls
When it comes to cleaning walls, a lot of people reach for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers or generic melamine sponges to buff away the marks — but that can eat away at your budget and create unnecessary waste. Instead, you can use a homemade remedy that only requires something already available in your laundry room.
In a viral TikTok video, user AllisonsCleanin, who is a cleaning expert, shares that she employs a DIY wall cleaning solution that was originally used by her grandmother. She mixes one part fabric softener with one part water inside a spray bottle and applies it to a microfiber cloth to wipe away marks or stains on her walls and baseboards.
The solution works great on any kind of paint finish, doesn't leave shine or streaks on your walls, and makes the house feel freshly cleaned all week long. The spray will also scent your room — but you can tinker with the scent intensity by either using less fabric softener with your water or using an unscented softener.