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Why You Should Be Using Salt And A Lemon To Clean Your Cutting Board
To keep your cutting board free from harmful bacteria and to stop stains from setting in, you can use a combination of lemon and salt. Lemons contain a strong citric acid, which fights bacteria and fungus and can even help lift stains from a variety of surfaces, including wooden cutting boards.
If you pair the sanitizing, stain-fighting power of a lemon with the abrasive properties of salt, then you have a winning combination. For the best results, Today recommends using coarse grain salt — kosher salt would work perfectly — and sprinkling it on your cutting board.
Then get a lemon — either fresh or one that has been a little neglected in your fridge — and cut it in half around the center, using the inner portion to rub the salt in and around the surface of the board. The gritty texture of the salt and the citric acid in the lemon will help scrub away debris and stains as it disinfects.