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Why You Should Be Using Shelf Liners In Your Kitchen Cabinets
When you don’t take care of your cabinets, they can easily get scratched, dented, and covered in grime. Using shelf liners should be a no-brainer because they protect your kitchen cabinets from water damage, scratches, and more.
Shelf liners make your cabinets easy to clean as they soak up any grease and water, but you’ll want to regularly clean your liners, as well. They can provide some protection, but if your cabinets are made of melamine, use shelf liners with a bit of padding so your cabinets don’t easily get dents or scratches.
When shopping, avoid shelf liners with sticky or adhesive bottoms as they leave a residue on your cabinets, making them difficult to clean. A shelf liner that is slightly absorbent and machine-washable is a safe bet, and it will keep your cabinets looking brand new while adding a pop of color.