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Why You Should Bring A Golf Ball With You The Next Time You Go House Hunting
House hunting is daunting, but a golf ball can be an unexpected yet useful tool. It aids in testing the grading, a crucial factor for home selection.
Understanding the land's slope around the home is vital for drainage. Proper grading safeguards the foundation, preventing water damage and moisture issues.
Using a golf ball is a preliminary step, not a replacement for a professional inspection. It helps narrow down options and identify potential concerns.
Place the golf ball on the ground to observe its roll direction. Outside, focus on areas prone to moisture accumulation; inside, check for consistent slopes towards drains.
The golf ball can reveal uneven floors in basements or crawl spaces, hinting at potential foundation problems. A gradual slope is normal, while divots may indicate issues.
If you don't have a golf ball, use a marble, and you can also assess the countertops and shelves. Limitations include surfaces like landscaping rocks or fluffy carpets.