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Why You Should Consider Adding Coffee Grounds To Your Fireplace
Using your fireplace frequently during the winter results in your fireplace creating a lot of ash. But, if you have an active coffee addiction, you can use your spent coffee grounds to accomplish a task that can, in the worst of times, have the potential to trigger respiratory conditions.
Damp coffee grounds can help you clean up leftover soot and ashes more efficiently. Cleaning a fireplace introduces easily inhaled material into the air, but as Healthline notes, damp coffee grounds can help cut down dust and particulate levels simply by weighing the light material down.
According to Farrer's, coffee discards make great fireplace briquettes, which their site teaches you how to make. For these, you'll need an old bread pan, a 225 gram or 8-ounce wax block, about 2 cups of molasses and 3 cups of dried coffee grounds, but also remember to save some of those grounds for the cleanup afterward.