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Why You Should Consider Buying Costco's Compost For Your Garden
Peak gardening season is fast approaching and Costco has everything you need. The newest Costco find is a 10-pound bag of earthworm casting by Impact Organics.
You can find these bags at some Costco location for $10.99 or $18.89 on their website. A single 10-pound bag of compost can cover a garden of up to 100 square feet.
The organic and natural soil amendment is a great source of organic and essential nutrients. It uses worm poop to introduce higher amounts of nitrogen, iron, and useful microbes.
With the exception of getting worm castings directly from the source, using a compost product like this is among the best ways to amend nutrient-poor garden beds.
The worm poop can also improve soil aeration and water retention due to its humus content. It helps keep plant roots healthy, hydrated, and properly supplemented
with nutrients.
These advantages beneath the soil speed up your plant's growth, which boosts the production of plants. It will easily fend off diseases and survive torment from common pests.
When compared to compost from Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Amazon and other stores, Ace Hardward had the most similar price, but Costco’s formula still performed better.