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Why You Should Consider Buying Houseplants On Amazon
Amazon is the perfect place to buy houseplants due to its large selection of easy-to-grow varieties that don't force you to rely on a small or seasonal inventory.
By ordering on Amazon, you can customize your selection to what best suits your home. You can also filter your search by the plants' air purification, fragrances, and bloom time.
Some of the best houseplants to buy on Amazon are succulents (like the snake plant), cactus plants, and aloe plants. They can be small to medium-sized and require little water.
Others include money tree plants, which are a bit bigger but easy to care for. Peace lilies are also popular but are toxic to pets, so only invest if your home is pet-free.
If you want to go big, consider a bonsai and palm tree. Palm trees are one of the lowest maintenance plants once they have a firm root footing and adjust to their new home.
To ensure you don't end up with a bad-quality plant, read reviews on the Amazon Plant Shop and look out for how previous customers described their experience.
Seek out sellers with good reviews and consistently high ratings. The best seller will ship their plants in protective material, and your plants will arrive healthy.