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Why You Should Consider Growing These Vegetables In A Bucket
Bucket gardening has become a popular and practical solution for growing vegetables in limited spaces, but some veggies perform better in containers than others.
Due to their small root systems, leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach, arugula, and other greens grow well in modest-sized buckets.
Compact bush tomato varieties like Roma or Glacier do best in containers. Vining varieties, like Sun Gold and Cherokee Purple, will not thrive as well.
Similarly, bush variety peppers like bell and chili are great for containers since they like well-draining soil, which is easy to control in a bucket.
For nightshades like eggplants, use a 5-gallon bucket, as they are heavy and need significant support. Be sure to water them well and place them in a sunny spot on the patio.
Potatoes are also nightshades that grow well in buckets and require a process called hilling to thrive. This involves always making sure about one-third of the plant is covered.
Root vegetables like carrots also do well in containers. Choose short carrot varieties (like Thumbelina or Paris Market) and a container deep enough for them to grow in.
Radishes and beets also grow well in buckets. The best radish varieties are Cherry Belle and French Breakfast, while the best beet varieties are Bull's Blood and Detroit Dark Red.