Roses and lavender in a garden
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Why You Should Consider Planting Roses Next To Lavender
By planting the right flowers side-by-side, you can reap added growth benefits without any extra effort on your part. Two flowers you should try this with are roses and lavender.
A major bonus of planting roses next to lavender is that the latter attracts bees due to its early-summer bloom, which
is beneficial for roses.
Roses can also benefit from how lavender repels aphids — pests that have an affinity for roses and can eat away at their stems to such an extent that they lose nourishment and die.
Lavender also attracts ladybugs, which eat aphids. The bushy perennial also repels hungry deer and rabbits that might have their eye on your roses so that they can bloom in peace.
Rose and lavender also make a great pair due to the bush-like growth of lavender and the vibrant color of roses. The combination of the two will make your garden look much fuller.