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Why You Should Consider Replacing Your Potting Soil With LECA
As collecting, propagating, and decorating tropical houseplants has grown in popularity, LECA, or Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate, has become a potting soil replacement.
LECA has been widely used in hydroponics and gardening due to its excellent retention and aeration properties and its aesthetic appeal compared with traditional potting soil.
The uniform round pellets create a minimalist backdrop that complements a plant’s natural form. For creative arrangements, use transparent containers to showcase its roots.
LECA’s porous structure promotes excellent aeration and drainage, preventing issues like root rot caused by waterlogged soil that can lead to fungal diseases.
Its lightweight nature also makes it easier to manage larger plants without the added weight of soil, making transplanting and maintenance less physically demanding.
Plants with adaptable root systems are well-suited for LECA. Its inert nature allows for precise control over the delivery of nutrients, and the lack of soil keeps pests away.