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Why You Should Go A Shade Or Two Lighter When Choosing A Paint Color
A paint selection mistake that makes your life harder is going with the first shade you select. You should always choose a color that's slightly lighter than your initial choice.
Hardware stores are usually full of fluorescent lighting and reflective flooring, and the light bouncing around makes colors look lighter and brighter than they would otherwise.
The same is true in your home, especially when painting over a light-colored wall. Light bounces off lighter colors more than darker, and lighting can make color read differently.
"Remember that, when picking a color, go for a lighter shade," said co-founders of Waterleaf Interiors Jill Johnson and Suzanne Ascher. "It always goes on darker than it looks."
Going lighter with your paint selections is good for medium-toned to pastel shades, but if you're intentionally going for moody and dark, you'll be fine with your original choice.
Also, if you're painting a room consistently filled with fluorescent light, the way the color reads in the hardware store will be similar to how it reads on the wall at home.