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Why You Should Have A Separate Fridge And Freezer
Buying a brand new fridge is exciting, but deciding whether you should buy a refrigerator-freezer combination or a separate refrigerator and freezer can be confusing. Custom kitchen designer Jean Stoffer thinks a separate fridge and freezer is the way to go, but these are the pros and cons of each set-up.
Unfortunately, if you have a combined fridge-freezer, you’ll have to buy a whole new unit if one side stops working. With large families that buy in bulk, it may benefit you to have a separate large freezer and fridge for more storage space, and Jean Stoffer points out that separate products allow people to cook simultaneously and more efficiently.
The downside of having a separate freezer and fridge is the cost, but, unless you’re looking for a certain brand that could be more expensive, you may get lucky and find a good deal. You also want to see if you have room in your kitchen for a freezer and fridge, so make sure you do your research before buying.