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Why You Should Keep A Bag Of Rice In Your Closet
Whether you're storing shoes, a hamper, or items that don't require washing often, bacteria and particles can create pungent
scents in your closet.
Rice has strong absorption powers, and by placing it in an open container in your wardrobe, you can keep your clothes smelling laundry-fresh all the time.
Fill a mason jar with dry, uncooked, unflavored rice, and preferably keep it uncovered. If you're concerned it will get knocked over, place a permeable cheesecloth over the top.
You can upgrade your odor-absorbing rice container into a diffuser by stirring in 15 to 20 drops of essential oil. You'll be met with a pleasant scent every time you open the door.
With or without the oil, the rice will absorb foul smells and musty-smelling moisture in the air. Change the rice every two to three months for the best results.