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Why You Should
Keep A Belt Hanger In Your Kitchen
Installing a belt hanger is a convenient and affordable way of reorganizing your kitchen, as you can place it anywhere and use it to neatly store utensils, including pots and pans.
Start by buying the belt rack if you don't have a spare one. YouTuber @allonadollar7176 got theirs from a dollar store, but you buy them online or
at your local supermarket.
Use a couple of screws to hold the belt hanger in place. It's up to you to decide where the best place would be to install it — on the
wall or inside a cupboard.
Attach a mat to the wall or cupboard directly under the hanger, which will act as a buffer, preventing the kitchen tools from scraping and hitting the surface.
Personalize this hack by choosing a mat that matches your decor or cabinet color. Finally, hang your desired utensils on
the rack and bask in your perfectly organized kitchen.