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Why You Should Never Buy New Countertops At Home Depot
Home Depot is known for being a pitstop during home renovation projects because of its variety of tools and materials, and it's easy to buy multiple products you’ll need in one trip. You might even be tempted to buy your countertops at Home Depot, but chances are you’re better off looking elsewhere.
You’ll most likely be spending more than you have to at Home Depot, so opt for a smaller establishment that has more flexible pricing. Retail expert Aviad Faruz explains, “Home Depot doesn’t have as many competitors when it comes to warehouse stores dealing in home improvement,” meaning that they can price their products higher than the market value.
If you’re set on buying countertops from Home Depot, save money by price matching, and while stores might not want to price match stone, you can get discounts on necessary supplies like caulk or painter’s tape. Save extra money by buying during flash sales or from the clearance section, and according to CBS, prices that end in six will be reduced within a few weeks.