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Why You Should Never Buy Simple Hardware Products At Home Depot
Home Depot is known for having low prices, especially when it comes to home repair products. However, some people prefer to go to a local hardware store, because the associates offer a more personalized service, allowing customers to find exactly what it is they’re looking for.
Local hardware stores are more likely to stock their shelves according to what their homeowners need, whereas Home Depot might not even have the item in stock when you need it. Also, it’s highly unlikely you’ll speak to the same associate twice in Home Depot, but in a local store, you’ll most likely find an associate who can help in every department.
Local hardware store associates can help you pick out the perfect paint color, how to choose the correct plumbing supplies, and even how to sharpen your mower blades. In contrast, if you go to the plumbing aisle in Home Depot to pick out a toilet handle, they can point you in the right direction, but they’ll most likely not offer you advice on which one to buy.