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Why You Should Never Buy Wall Art At Home Depot
Home Depot is many people's go-to home improvement store. It can sometimes feel like a one-stop shop or a place to pick up everything you may need for your next home project. However, there are certain items you may not want to buy at Home Depot, and this includes their wall art.
The selection of wall art at Home Depot is usually overpriced, with most of their larger pieces ranging from $100 to $1,000, and considering that their wall art is mass-produced, that’s pretty steep. Since Home Depot is not centered around selling wall art, it makes sense that it may not be the best option.
Wall art isn't the only thing to avoid at Home Depot. Their batteries, cleaning supplies, and kitchen accessories like pots and pans are also overpriced, and while it may be convenient to pick these things up at Home Depot, you can definitely find them cheaper elsewhere.