Green door with matching trim at a house entrance
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Why You Should Paint Your Door And Trim The Same Color
TikTok design expert Phoenix Grey recommends painting doors and trim the same color. He claims it is a chic combo and "makes the space look purposeful and thoughtfully designed."
This painting technique creates a "bold and beautiful impact in your space," according to Grey, and is an affordable, straightforward method to enhance a room's aesthetic appeal.
Grey's advice applies not only to interior doors but also to exterior ones. Painting an exterior door and trim the same color can make an entrance seem larger and more inviting.
Moreover, if this matching color contrasts with the rest of the house, it can also make the entryway stand out from a distance.
Having the door and trim the same color can also help enhance other exterior decorative elements, such as brick or stonework, leaded glass windows, doorknobs, and other accents.