Gardenia flowers in full bloom
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Why You Should Plant A Boxwood Near Your Gardenia In The Garden
Gardenia plants and boxwood shrubs are excellent companion plants, sharing similar environmental needs and complementing each other aesthetically in your garden.
The broad leaves and wax-like white gardenia blossoms pair well with the creamy yellow flowers and deep green boxwood foliage, and their distinctive fragrances blend nicely.
While boxwood is a hardy shrub that’s easy to grow once well established, evergreen gardenias are more challenging to cultivate, with some routine maintenance required.
Both plants need nutrient-rich, neutral pH soil that’s well-draining to prevent powdery mildew and root rot, but gardenias need more fertilization and additional organic material.
Depending on cultivation and variety, both gardenia and boxwood can reach up to 15 feet in height, perfect for adding privacy to an area if you plant varieties of similar height.
Both plants do well in dappled sunlight or partial shade, though boxwoods are more sun-tolerant. Check them for aphids, thrips, and spider mites, as these pests target both plants.
Gardenia and boxwood both need proper pruning to stimulate blooming and to ensure ample air circulation that deters pests and helps prevent the soil becoming water-saturated.
From the many varieties of gardenia and boxwood, select those best suited to your local environment, then work to create the ideal growing conditions in which they both can thrive.