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Why You Should Plant Asparagus Next To Basil
While basil is a common companion plant that helps nearby plants thrive, it does particularly well next to asparagus, helping it to ward off pests and improve its yield.
Basil's strong aroma confuses the common asparagus beetle by distorting the pest’s sense of smell and keeping it from eating and damaging your asparagus crop.
For best results, gently brush the basil leaves with your hands to release their natural oils and aroma. The herb also attracts pollinators like bees, promoting healthy growth.
Additionally, basil attracts predatory wasps that control pest populations by eating larvae, which is key to preventing pests from reaching full maturity and laying even more eggs.
Basil and asparagus also grow well together because they have similar needs. They both prefer at least six hours of sun a day, well-drained soil, and weekly watering.
Plus, basil's small size does not take up the nutrients and space asparagus needs to thrive, so the pair of companion plants do not compete for valuable resources such as water.
Meanwhile, asparagus helps basil thrive too. The tall spear-shaped plant provides shade to cover sun-sensitive basil, so the herb's leaves do not burn from harsh direct sunlight.