Hydrangea bush with blue blossoms
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Why You Should Plant Japanese Painted Ferns Near Your Hydrangeas
Hydrangeas love being in gardens that can offer them plenty of shade. The Japanese painted fern makes for the perfect companion plant because it too flourishes in similar habitats.
Japanese painted ferns can grow in anything from dappled sun to deep shade, while most hydrangeas grow best in partial shade.
Panicle hydrangeas can generally handle more sun than their bigleaf relatives, making them a good option for areas where sun exposure changes throughout the year.
Hydrangeas and Japanese painted ferns grow best in well-draining soil with plenty of organic matter. They also both benefit from moist but not soggy soil.
A slightly acidic pH keeps both plants happy and results in blue flowers on bigleaf hydrangeas. Measuring the pH of your soil also helps ensure that these plants grow their best.