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Why You Should Put An IKEA Pegboard In Your Kitchen Drawer
If you have limited storage space in your kitchen, try this hack from TikTok user @wushihome that uses IKEA's Uppdatera pegboard to hold bowls and plates in place in your drawers.
IKEA's pegboard drawer organizer costs $24. The plastic frame is about 25 inches wide by 19 ½ inches deep, with rows of holes to fit 32 pegs that you can rearrange as needed.
Before purchasing it, measure your kitchen drawers to ensure the pegboard will fit. Most standard drawers are 24 inches deep and 34 ½ inches high, but the width varies.
The pegboard allows you to store your plates upright rather than flat in the drawer, opening up extra storage. You can also put pegs around high stacks to stop them sliding around.
You can stack bowls on a smaller stand so they’re visible from the back, and you can use the pegboard inside a cabinet to store crockery, making space for other kitchenware.
Customers gave the pegboard an over 4.5-star rating for being easy to install and working as expected. They didn't have quality issues and thought the product was worth the value.