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Why You Should Put Mustard Powder In Your Garden
Derived from the tiny seeds of mustard plants, mustard powder is a potent herb that can help protect your garden from troublesome pests like aphids, caterpillars, and slugs.
The common kitchen spice creates an uninviting atmosphere for these pests while also serving as an effective, affordable alternative to harmful synthetic pesticides.
Simply fill a gallon-sized bucket with clean water, and pour in ⅓ cup of mustard powder. Mix well to ensure the mustard's essence is infused into every drop of water.
This solution is great for soil-based applications, but if you also want a spray solution, grab a mixing bowl and combine 2 fluid ounces of mustard powder with a gallon of water.
Stir well to ensure the mustard powder integrates seamlessly with the water, leaving no residue or clumps behind. Then, with a steady hand, pour this solution into a spray bottle.
Before using, dab a bit of the solution on a portion of the plant to see how it reacts. For best results, spray or pour during the early hours of the morning or around dusk.