Roll Of Opened Aluminum Foil Directly Above View on Yellow Colored Background.
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Why You Should Put Tin Foil In The Gap Between Your Stove And Counters
The gap between your stove and the countertop can accumulate crumbs and spills over time that might attract pests. Use this simple aluminum foil hack to keep the area clean.
Tear a piece of foil that’s four inches taller than the length of the gap for folding allowance. Next, fold the foil in half lengthwise to create a V-shape resembling a foil boat.
Slide your foil boat into the gap; make sure it’s pushed back far enough so it’s not visible in the kitchen but can still be easily accessed for monthly cleaning or replacement.
Changing the foil is a much easier task than moving the stove and cleaning behind it. This foil boat hack can also be applied to the sides of other gap-prone appliances.