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Why You Should Reconsider Buying These Products From IKEA
Wooden Bed Frames
While IKEA’s wooden bed frames may be low cost, stylish, and environmentally friendly, they are simply not strong enough to support the weight of most adults.
Several customers experienced the frame splitting, cracking, or snapping during use. The wooden slats often fall through the frame as well, so they need to be adjusted weekly.
Bed Linens
Sadly, the material in IKEA’s bed linens doesn’t live up to its bright colors and patterns, with most complaining the fabric is “rough to touch” and wears out quickly.
Glass Tables
IKEA’s glass top tables present a tempting alternative to designer brands. However, multiple consumers have reported the glass shattering spontaneously.
Most notably, the Glivarp table was discontinued for this reason, and it is no longer available in the U.S. Just to be safe, avoid the company’s other glass table lines as well.
Malm Dressers
By 2017, this dresser had caused 186 accidents, including several that resulted in the death of children. Anyone with kids or pets should give this one a hard pass.
Particle Board Items
IKEA keeps costs low by using particle board, a material made from the leftovers of the lumber process. However, it is both less durable and possibly toxic.