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Why You Should Save Broken Egg Shells For Doing The Dishes
When crushed, eggshells have an excellent scrubby texture for scrubbing stubborn residue off your pots and can even be used on tricky-to-clean items like bottles, vases, and jars.
For this, avoid using gooey eggshells left over after cracking a raw egg and instead use the eggshells from peeled hard-boiled eggs. Feel free to freeze them until you need them.
Start by crushing the eggshells with a hard object, like a pestle or the bottom of a glass, before sprinkling the powdered eggshells into the item you’re cleaning.
Add a bit of dish soap and enough warm water to create a swirling mixture. The eggshells will function as a natural abrasive and scrub the inside of the container as you swirl it.
While this hack might not get the most stubborn of gunk out, it’s a perfect way to give old eggshells a second purpose before they hit the trash or compost bin.