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Why You Should Stop Using Bleach In Your Home Immediately
Bleach may seem like a great solution for disinfection purposes or to keep linens bright, but it contains a lot of chemicals, including sodium hypochlorite, and can do more harm than good. You’ll be better off throwing away your bleach and using these alternatives that work just as well, if not better.
Improper use of bleach, like not diluting the right amount of bleach with water, and reactions with ammonia or other acids can create hazardous chemicals. Bleach is a threat to safety, especially if a child or pet accidentally drinks it, and using bleach regularly may be responsible for numerous health concerns, such as damaged lung cells and inflammation.
Instead, use soap and warm water for cleaning, baking soda for scrubbing, and vinegar mixed with water as a glass cleaner. If you want something stronger, try washing soda, borax, or white vinegar to whiten your clothes, or make your own bleach substitute with liquid soap, glycerin, water, borax, lemon juice, and essential oils.