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Why You Should Stop Using Carpet Spotters Immediately
Some spills are inevitable, and over time our carpet suffers from food stains, wine spills, and outside dirt. Normally when a spill occurs, you immediately run to get your carpet spot cleaner, but these products can actually be hurting your carpet more than helping it.
Carpet spotters are made for a quick clean, but they often leave behind soap that attracts more dirt and residue to the area. Eventually, the build-up turns into a brown stain that only worsens over time and leaves you with a bigger problem than when you started.
Having your carpet cleaned professionally is the best way to eliminate stains while prolonging the life of your carpet, but it can be pricey. For an easy, DIY cleaning mixture that won’t leave behind any residue, spray an equal balance of white vinegar and water on the area, and wipe with a towel.