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Why You
Should Stop
Using Dryer
Who doesn't love the way their laundry feels and smells with dryer sheets? However, one of the biggest laundry misconceptions known to man is thinking that dryer sheets are actually good for you, and now may be the time to find other alternatives.
Dryer sheets contain fibers with fatty acids, scents, and a variety of chemicals, and the dryer heat causes the fatty acids to melt, which is what makes your clothing soft and non-staticky. Also, the residue from the fabric softener forms a lint on the filter, and this lint will attach to your clothing and wear it down over time.
Dryer sheets carry a likely harmful chemical called quaternary ammonium compounds (QACS), which has been known to trigger or enhance asthma or skin irritations, but it is also associated with more serious conditions such as cancer and reproductive issues. Labeling on cleaning products is not always accurate, and sometimes ingredients are not disclosed.
A good replacement for dryer sheets are wool dryer balls, which last longer and help to enhance the quality of your clothing, eliminate static, and condense dryer time. Adding baking soda and white vinegar to the washer and dryer, investing in reusable static eliminating sheets, or using a clothesline are other alternatives.