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Why You Should Stop Using Laundry Pods Immediately
Laundry pods were invented to make washing clothes easier, however, there have been consequences to consumers and the environment. As they are often mistaken for candy, laundry pods pose a serious health threat to people, especially young children, who ingest the poisonous pods, resulting in various harmful effects.
Some have deliberately misused the lethal pods by participating in the Tide Pod Challenge, a social media trend where people share videos of themselves biting into pods. Tide’s parent company, Procter & Gamble, has since created more safety measures by strengthening the pod’s outer layer and adding denatonium benzoate to make the pod’s flavor less appealing.
The detergent pod’s outer layer consists of polyvinyl alcohol, which turns into a plastic solution when exposed to water and is not completely biodegradable. Studies have shown that laundry detergent pods also play a role in plastic pollution, so it may be best to opt for traditional powder or liquid laundry detergents to save your environment, health, and money.