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Why You Should Stop Using Printers Immediately
Security Risks
If you share a printer that allows you to print over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it is susceptible to hackers who can see the file’s contents and even change it before it is printed. In addition, printer logs can pose a confidentiality risk as they may retain information about your computer and the contents of your print jobs.
Hacking Targets
With the rise in popularity of cloud printing, the risk of hacking has also increased. If your printer has security vulnerabilities and you don’t regularly install the security updates, hackers can potentially spread viruses to the devices that are connected to a home or work’s internet network.
Health Concerns
West Virginia University professor Nancy Lan Guo found that exposure to toner particles can change a person’s metabolism and genes, which may then cause brain and heart problems. Guo recommends that rooms with laser printers install proper ventilation, and you should open the windows and leave the room while printing.