Pair of blue socks folded in the shape of a ball on a grey textile background with relief
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Why You Should Think Twice Before Bundling Your Socks
Bundling your socks seems like a convenient and easy way to keep them together, but this can wear out the elastic in the cuffs and take up space in your dresser.
Rather than bundling them, you can instead try rolling your socks or folding them into small squares. This will save the elastic and make your socks easier to organize.
Rolling your socks is easy. Simply lay them together right side out, roll from the toes to the cuffs, and place them in the drawer with the spiral facing up.
However, this method can take up a lot of space, and the socks can easily unroll without an organizer. Instead, try laying the rolls on their sides and stacking them.
Stacking unfolded socks or folding them into squares can save space in your dresser. To make a square, lay your socks in the shape of the letter T, with the top sock vertical.
Fold both sides of the bottom sock over the top sock, and bring each half of the top sock over the middle. Then, tuck the sock’s edge from the last fold into the middle.
For ankle socks, lay one on top of the other and fold in half at the arch, lining up the cuffs with the toes.
You can also lay the socks in the shape of an X and take the toe of the bottom sock and tuck it into its cuff. Repeat this with the top sock, and you're done.