Clothes hanging on outdoor clothesline during sunny day
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Why You Should Think Twice Before Installing An Outdoor Clothesline
Outdoor clotheslines are cheap and eco-friendly. They save you from draping laundry all over your bathroom and take advantage of the sun’s disinfectant and deodorizing ability.
Clothes dry faster depending on heat, humidity, and airflow, and outdoor clotheslines achieve this better than indoor lines. Yet some people dislike them, as they can look untidy.
Certain U.S. states protect your right to have an outdoor clothesline, but HOAs can still impose restrictions on them, such as type, location and height. Some ban them outright.
If you don't or can’t have an outdoor clothesline, an indoor line may be a convenient solution. Many can be hidden or retracted, so they take up little space when not in use.
Also, while indoor clotheslines can increase indoor humidity too much, in winter or in dry areas this can be a good thing. Some models even have fans to emulate outdoor lines.