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Why You Should Think Twice Before Putting A Fountain In Your Birdbath
A fountain is costlier than just a birdbath due to the materials themselves, which involve a working pump that can either be solar-powered or electric.
If this pump is electric, there'll be an added cost of electricity. You'll also need to plan a setup for running a cord to it without worrying about running
a lawnmower over it.
The pump used in these fountains requires careful management and could fail without it, often requiring replacement. That maintenance hassle itself may prove a drawback for many.
During freezing winters, water has a high chance of freezing within the pumps, so you might have to remove and bring the fountain component inside your home.
The pump's water movement will cause quicker evaporation than standing water, so you'll have to monitor and fill the water in time so the pump doesn't run dry and become damaged.