Lawn with scattered soil plugs after lawn aeration.
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Why You Should Think Twice Before Raking After Aerating Your Lawn
Lawn aeration machines create small cylinders in the grass, soil, and thatch, which loosens compacted soil and allows water and oxygen to better reach the roots.
After core aeration leaves you with a messy yard, you might get tempted to grab a rake and restore your lawn’s appearance. However, TikTok user @elitelawncare advises against it.
The soil plugs extracted by aeration contain nutrients and microbes, so most lawn-care experts believe that removing them is unnecessary and could even be bad for your lawn.
Fortunately, these plugs will eventually break down and reintegrate into the soil. You can speed up the process by mowing, using a lawn drag, or adding a layer of topdressing.
If the appearance of your lawn is less of a concern, you can allow the plugs to break down naturally. Just remember to wait until they have dried before reincorporating them.