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Why You Should Think Twice Before Trying This TikTok Heatwave Hack
As temperatures rise, it can be tempting to turn to budget-friendly heatwave hacks. However, using water to turn a fan into a makeshift air conditioner can be very dangerous.
Several DIYs have been circulating the Web that place bowls of ice cubes or frozen wet towels or water bottles next to or on top of a box fan to create cool air without an AC.
Rodolfo Jimenez, licensed electrician and owner of Safe Plug Electric, explains that doing so may block proper airflow. If that happens, the motor can overheat and start a fire.
Additionally, the water can get into the electrical parts of the fan and cause it to short-circuit — especially if the unit is older. This can lead to electrical shock and burns.
Instead, Jimenez suggests using blackout curtains or window films to keep your space cool. Wearing lightweight clothing or purchasing a window AC are also better alternatives.