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Why You Should Think Twice Before Using Laundry Detergent Sheets
Laundry detergent sheets may seem like a convenient and sustainable alternative to liquid detergent, but there are some major drawbacks that may keep you from investing in them.
Unlike liquid detergent, the sheets can be difficult to buy outside of subscription-based services or Amazon. They also don’t frequently go on sale and tend to be more expensive.
Another issue with using sheets is that they may not dissolve completely in all water temperatures, leading to stains and insufficient cleaning that can damage clothes over time.
The sheets may also fail to tackle tough stains and odors as they lack space for active ingredients like enzymes and cleaning agents, commonly present in liquid detergents.
Despite their paper packaging, laundry sheets can potentially harm the environment as they contain polyvinyl alcohol that gets released into the water as microplastic particles.
Laundry sheets, currently, also lack options for those with allergies or sensitive skin. Moreover, exposure to moisture or humidity can easily compromise the quality of the sheets.