A can of WD-40, a staple of every garage and workplace
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Why You Should Think Twice Before Using WD-40 On Door Hinges
While WD-40 can seemingly fix almost any home issue, using the product on door hinges can actually do more harm than good.
The thick lubricant will actually attract dust and grime, clogging your hinges rather than oiling them. You can avoid this by removing the oil with hot water and soap.
Rather than using WD-40 and taking the extra step to clean the oil, a better alternative is using silicone lubricant on those squeaky hinges.
Silicone lubricants are known for their smoothness and water-repellent properties, which create a sleek barrier around the hinge that doesn’t attract dust and dirt.
You can also remove the squeaky hinge’s pin, dip it into fully melted paraffin wax, and allow it to air dry before popping it back into its hinge.
WD-40 may not be the best solution for hinges, but the lubricant still has plenty of uses and will help protect metals from rust and displace moisture.