A man cleaning a pool with a telescopic pole
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Why You Should Try TikTok's Cotton Ball Hack To Clean Your Pool
Robotic pool cleaners can be even more potent at cleaning your pool if you put a few handfuls of cotton balls in your machine, as shown by @jrbmiaz on TikTok.
This handy trick helps to clean up excess muck lurking at the bottom of your pool. If you own a robotic pool cleaner, all you'll need is a pack of cotton balls, and you're all set.
Open your robotic pool cleaner and fill its available space with cotton balls. Make sure you do not overstuff the machine to the point where it may be hard to close it.
Once your device is secure, place it in your pool and let it get to work. The cotton balls will collect dirt and algae, enhancing your machine's ability to collect more grime.
When you lift the lid on your device, you should see lots of dirt and debris sticking to the makeshift secondary filter. This indicates that the cotton balls have done a good job.