Person adding bark mulch to empty tree bed
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Why You Should Try Using Wood Bark In Your Garden Instead Of Mulch
With so many types of mulch, it can be difficult to know where to start. When it comes to using wood bark mulch, it’s important to know when it’s beneficial and when it’s not.
Wood bark mulch reduces evaporation and prevents erosion, making it ideal for dry regions that need moisture retention. It’s also great at detering weeds and boosting soil health.
It can also improve your curb appeal by giving your garden a nice, finished look. Although some say wood bark reduces nitrogen in the soil, the claim is unsupported by research.
The only time wood bark has an adverse effect on soil’s nitrogen is when it becomes mixed into the soil. As such, you should take care to evenly apply it on top of the earth only.
You should also leave a gap between your plants and the mulch to prevent diseases from spreading. Plus, bark mulch may dehydrate your plants if you live in a high heat area.