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Why You Should Use A Trellis To Give Your Plants Support
A trellis is a wooden framework used to hold plants upright that can be stuck into the ground or attached to a fence. Using a trellis allows your plants to flourish, and lattice-style or grid-patterned trellises are the most common styles that you can paint or stain to match your outdoor decor.
Plants like pothos, philodendrons, and monsteras can grow vertically on a trellis, giving them more sunlight and allowing them to grow taller. Produce that lies on the ground also has a higher chance of disease and bug infestation, so vining plants like peas, beans, squash, and cucumbers can be attached to a trellis to prevent this.
If you’re adding a trellis to a pot, put it in the back or the middle, but for a garden, you’ll want to add it behind your plant facing south so the sun can shine on your vegetation. Push the trellis in the soil, and gently weave your plant’s vines through the trellis, leaving room for growth at the top.